Mission and Vision

With sports as the primary field of interest, KIDZ HOOPS has only one mission and that is to provide quality sports management in the country. Accomplishing that mission, the vision of promoting sports involvement (through participation) will become clear.

Our Goal

The KIDZHOOPS League aims to offer a positive learning experience for the beginner and experienced players alike, while enhancing individual skills and techniques.

Our goal is to provide recreational opportunities for the youth in a safe and organized environment. In addition we aim to provide quality instruction while promoting the positive effects of physical fitness and exercise, along with GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AND CONDUCT.

Developing KIDZHOOPS as a community program for the youth is the primary objective of the league. We aim to promote respect and appreciation for others at the same time for the child to be responsible to oneself and to others as well.


  • Fun - learn to play for the purpose of enjoying participation
  • Participation - provide equal opportunity to play
  • Sportsmanship - actively expanding the individuals' social ability to demonstrate fair play and grace in winning and in defeat
  • Skill Development - gaining expertise to expand the individual participant's potential through practice and play
  • Community - parents, coaches, referees and league officials all bear the responsibility in upholding the good name of the program for the youth

Code of Ethics

"All adults should conduct their behavior in a positive fashion". Players are encouraged to "play for the love of the game..." and spectators are reminded to" ...cheer every good play ...recognize the good and never the bad!"

KIDZ HOOPS is committed to the highest level of sportsmanship and fair play.